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The Direct Insurance Guide for the Under 21 Driver

Trying to get affordable direct car insurance for a younger driver isn’t always easy to accomplish. This is especially true for first time teenaged drivers. When you first get your driver’s license, you are actually considered “high risk” and your auto insurance rates could be through the roof. There are some basic things you should know about insurance and getting cheap direct car insurance rates so you can drive legally on the open road.

Some Quick Facts about Direct Insurance for Youth The Direct Insurance Guide for the Under 21 Driver

You may be young and eager to drive, but you should also be wise and aware of what’s in store for you when it comes to getting and keeping insurance. One very important factor to keep in mind is that once you have insurance it is very important to keep your policy active and avoid any lapses. If there is a gap in your direct car insurance coverage for 30 days or more, it can make it more difficult to get a policy and drive the premium rates up even more.

Aside from that you ought to know:

  • Insurance is generally cheaper for females than males.
  • In fact, rates drop for women when they reach 21, but not for men until the age of 25 usually.
  • There are many different types of car insurance policies, and you should learn about the different kinds before deciding which one is for you.
  • The state you reside in determines what the minimum amount of auto insurance is for you to have to drive legally as a resident and license holder in that state.
  • If you finance a car, you will also be required to carry a minimum amount of insurance coverage to make sure the car and its full value are covered

Some Ways to Save on Your Direct Insurance

Your premiums amounts will vary depending on your age and generally will not drop a great deal until you reach your twenties, and that is only if you maintain a clean driving record and avoid lapses in your coverage. There should be a slight decrease from your teens into your early twenties. For females the first big drop will happen at 21, and for males it should be by age 25.

Here are some ways you may find savings for your direct car insurance rates though:

  • First and foremost, take driver’s education courses in high school. Doing this before getting your driver’s license will help prepare you to be a safe and defensive driver. Once you have your license and want automobile insurance, this should help you start with lower rates.
  • Make your car selection carefully. For example if you are financing a new car, then be aware that you will be paying more for a more in-depth type of car insurance policy. Yet the more safety features your car has, the lower your rates may be. On the other hand, the sportiness of your car and even the color of the vehicle can cause the rates to be higher.
  • If you get married, your rates should drop by quite a bit. While getting cheaper direct car insurance rates isn’t a good enough reason to get married at a young age, you should know that if you decide to tie the knot at an early age, you should make sure you inform your insurance agent. The reason for this is that younger drivers are high risk because they also tend to be more daring and less careful. Insurance providers view those who have made the decision to get married as mature individuals who are ready to be slower and less reckless drivers.
  • If you do get any tickets, find out if you can take driver’s school as your punishment and avoid having it go on your record. Points against your driver’s license can cause your insurance premiums to go up, not to mention they can add up and eventually cause you to have your license suspended. The process involved with having your driver’s license reinstated and the amount of money involved for this as well as the increased direct auto insurance premiums can really add up and quickly.

Things to Avoid for Direct Insurance

 You already have an idea of what to expect and what you should do when it comes to securing your high risk insurance for younger drivers. There are, however, a few things to think about avoiding when it comes to your direct car insurance rates and policy. Keep all of these in mind and you may be able to get an affordable policy in place.

  • Sports cars and convertibles, especially in the color red, are going to cause you to pay top dollar for your car insurance
  • A car lacking safety features will also be more pricy on the premiums. If you get a newer car, opt for one with the most possible safety features or have them added to a car you already have. This includes air bags and anti-lock brakes at the very least.
  • Theft prevention is also important to lowering rates. Don’t get a car without an anti-theft system in place or have one added and make sure your insurance is made aware of this addition. You may also want to include devices that will track the car or shut the car off in cases of theft. The more safety and anti-theft devices in place the lower the insurance rates.
  • Do not let anyone borrow or even drive your car. Unless you can confirm that your car insurance covers drivers other than yourself, do not let your friend even get behind the wheel to drive your new car to the end of the block. One minor accident with an uninsured driver behind the wheel is one accident too many.

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