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If you’re looking to save money, one way to cut car insurance costs is to get your insurance direct from an insurance provider. While it may seem like a way to save money, you have to be careful when searching for direct auto insurance. There can be problems with buying insurance directly from the provider instead of comparing car insurance quotes online through a comparison website. Also, you can get your insurance direct from the provider even when you use a comparison website. Here are some of the problems with just going directly to an insurance provider, and the common ways to save money on direct car insurance while still using a website that compares quotes.

Get Your Insurance DirectWhy Multiple Quotes Are Important
When you get your insurance direct from an insurance provider, you may learn that you are saving money on an individual policy. However, you are only getting one quote: the quote from that particular insurance provider. With an online auto insurance comparison website, you will be able to get quotes from many different car insurance providers. This way, you can see which provider is actually giving you the lowest rates on the insurance that you need. On a comparison website, you can then pick the provider with the lowest rates on the best insurance policy for you and then buy that policy direct from the provider through the website. Even though you’re using a website to find quotes, you are still buying your car insurance directly from the provider.

Direct Insurance Discounts
There are so many discounts available for all kinds of drivers: discounts based on age, driving habits, charitable organizations you belong to and even your profession. While you may think that you can get the most discounts when you get your insurance direct from the provider, you can also find discounts online. Many auto insurance websites will not only give you quotes from various providers, but they will also list the different discounts you can get on your direct auto insurance. By entering your information online, the website can automatically determine which car insurance discounts you are eligible for and match you with those discounts. This way, you know you are getting the most auto insurance discounts and the lowest price on a policy while also getting your insurance direct from the provider.

Bundling Direct Insurance
Another way to save money on auto insurance is to bundle different types of insurance into one package. When you buy auto insurance as well as renter’s or homeowner’s insurance at the same time, the provider will often offer you a discount. Conventional wisdom may lead many people to think that they can only bundle their insurance policies when they speak directly to an insurance provider, but this simply isn’t so. With a car insurance quote website, you can not only get quotes on the lowest insurance rates from various providers, you can also save even more money by buying more than one type of insurance at a time. By using an online insurance comparison, you can also find out which insurance provider provides the best discount for bundling different types of insurance together. Once you have found the best provider for your bundled insurance, you can get your insurance direct from that provider through the website.

Special Types of Car Insurance
Vehicles with special equipment or a less than perfect driving record can mean that you need a certain type of car insurance, and you may think that you will be forced to buy your insurance direct in order to get the specific coverage you may need. A good car insurance website will also compare quotes for SR-22 or other special types of auto insurance. Using a website, you can save money online and still get your insurance direct if you have special car insurance needs.